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Remembering Avalon

Experience the history while you stay where the memories were made.

  • Explore the house and farm through past memories

  • Each page shares a memory and object for you to discover

  • Immerse yourself in Australian farming history

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"Thank you Emma for putting together such a delightful book. It was lovely to have personalised memories and fun to search for the treasures described. Your illustrations were brilliant and a nice addition.

All the best, Michelle."

Recycled Paper
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Learn about Australian Farming History

Did you know that on a cold morning you could start a tractor with a shotgun cartridge and a hammer?


At Avalon farm you could, with a single cylinder Field Marshall tractor.  

The day the first ever tractor arrived and previous owner Eric Kohlhagen could say goodbye to the draft horses was said to be the happiest day of his life!

Would you like to find where Eric kept is valuable new tractor?

A personal connection during your stay

Many original features of Avalon's 1920's farmhouse remain.

Learn about the old copper boiler,  now our laundry tub. Who's job was it to start the fire beneath?

Before television and smart screens evening enertainment came from the radio. Imagine you sneaked out of bed to listen to the serials.... which key hole was it that gave maximum listening experience?

There are so many special memories in the Avalon farmhouse, this book allows you can enjoy them too!

"We thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and learning about the history of the property and the families who lived here. We had a wonderful couple of days and just loved being able to spend some time here. Thank you.

Therese, Vince, Laetitia & Ethan Donato

I wrote this book for the guests of Avalon Farmstay. While you enjoy the farm and accommodation, you can learn about Australian farming life 70 years ago. A personal connection that will bring meaning to your stay.

With the book's guidance you will explore the house and farm through Dawn Kohlhagen's childhood memories. From the copper boiler to exploring the tractor shed, your stay at Avalon Farmstay will a special experience.

Joel and I purchased the property 'Avalon' in 2019 with my parents Alison and Phil. As soon as we did this, we started hearing stories of Avalon's history. Stories from my family, locals and the Kohlhagen family who called Avalon home for many years.

For generations my family have farmed along side the Kohlhagen family and I am the 5th generation to continue the friendship. Our ongoing conncection makes this story unique, passing on memories through time.


Emma's Story

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