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Unveiling the Past: "Remembering Avalon" - A Journey Through Time

Updated: May 26

We are thrilled to share about a special book dedicated to the rich history of Avalon Farm. Titled "Remembering Avalon" and written and illustrated by myself, Emma Sim. This book offers our Farmstay guests a unique opportunity to connect deeply with the heritage of the farm and its previous owners.

A Closer Connection to Avalon Farm

"Remembering Avalon" is more than just a book; it’s an incredible collection of stories that have woven the history of Avalon Farm. Through its pages, guests of Avalon Farmstay can immerse themselves in the captivating stories and memories of those who lived and worked on this land before us. Each page invites readers to experience the history of Australian farming, right from the comfort of the place where these cherished memories were made.

A Guided Tour Through History

My book takes guests on a guided tour of Avalon Farm, with each page presenting a memory and an object for readers to find. This interactive treasure hunt through history offers a delightful way for guests to engage with the farm's past. Many of these memories belong to Dawn Kohlagen, adding a personal touch and deeper connection to the narrative. Dawn once called Avalon her family farm and cherished her childhood growing up here.

Why "Remembering Avalon" Was Written

The inspiration behind "Remembering Avalon" stems from the many stories I heard from family members and the local community about Avalon Farm. From the moment we purchased Avalon Farm we heard stories of friendships, community and terrifying creek crossing. Recognisng the importance of preserving these stories, I felt compelled to share this rich history with others. By documenting these memories, I hope to ensure that the legacy of Avalon Farm is known and is appreciated by all who visit.

A Legacy of Friendship and Farming

My mum Alison's family farm is next door to Avalon and my grandparents and great grandparents farmed alongside Eric and Eileen Kohlagen and their son Trevor, the previous owners of Avalon Farm. I am the fifth generation to continue this friendship between the families, adding another layer of significance to the book. My great grandmother was given poppy seeds from Dawn's grandmother and those flowers continue to bloom in my grandma's garden, our connection between families that exists beyond friendship. I think of myself lucky to know the history of those flowers now naturalised in Grandma's garden.

Discover "Remembering Avalon"

I invite all our guests at Avalon Farmstay to delve into "Remembering Avalon" and discover the fascinating history that has shaped our farm. As you read through the memories and search for hidden objects, I hope you feel a deeper connection to the land and the people who have been a part of its story.

"Remembering Avalon" creates a connection that shares the enduring legacy of Avalon Farm and the special bond between families and communities. This beautifully written and illustrated book serves as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing guests to experience the history of Australian farming in a truly unique and engaging way.

We look forward to sharing this journey through time with you during your stay at Avalon Farmstay. Happy reading!


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