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A Woolly Week at Avalon Farmstay: Join Our Sheep Shearing Adventure!

Greetings from Avalon Farmstay!

This week is buzzing with excitement as we embark on one of our most cherished traditions – sheep shearing! It's a time when the farm is filled with the sound of clippers and the warm scent of wool, as we ready our flock for the warmer days ahead.

Why We Shear Our Sheep

Shearing is not just about the wool – though that's a big part of it. It's essential for the health and hygiene of our sheep, keeping them comfortable as the season changes. It prevents a buildup of dirt and parasites, and it's a skill that's been passed down through generations. Here is a throwback to shearing in our old shed, converted from the original stables at Warrawong farm and still used when needed.

The Shearing Process

Our experienced shearers work with care and precision, ensuring that each sheep is handled gently and shorn efficiently. It's a fascinating process to watch and learn about, as it combines the expertise of the shearer with the natural beauty of the wool.

Sustainability and Wool

We pride ourselves on sustainable farming practices, and sheep shearing is no exception. The wool is shorn and processed in line with RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) aiming to improve the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. Avalon farm has an annual independent audit ensuring the RWS responsibilities are met.

Join In The Fun

We're not just about the work; we're about the experience. Visitors are welcome to watch and learn about the shearing process. It will be an experience you will not forget!

Take a Piece of Avalon Home

After shearing, our wool is stenciled and sent to market where it is sold at a premium with the RWS brand. For those that come and stay with us we have some of our finest wool to show you, and you're welcome to take a piece of Avalon Farmstay home with you.

Sharing Our Story

We'll be documenting our shearing week on social media, sharing stories, photos, and maybe even some live action from the shearing shed. Follow us on Avalon Farmstay to stay updated with our woolly adventures and get a glimpse of farm life at its most vibrant.


Sheep shearing is more than just a chore; it's a tradition that ties us to the land and to the cycles of nature. We invite you to share in this special time with us, learn about sustainable farming, and celebrate the timeless art of shearing.

Keep an eye on our social media for updates throughout the week, and we hope to see you at the farm!

Warm regards,

Em and Joel - Avalon Farmstay

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