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At Avalon Farmstay we support, and provide an outlet for local artists.
The artworks on display are available for purchase at cost, or please feel free to contact the artists to see their other works.

Gwen Bullock

Gwen Bullock is local artiest living on their family  property at Tootool. 


Gwen's art passions are realist impressions of landscapes, seascapes, human connections and portraits. 


Gwen has been teaching art workshops classes since October 2012. 


We have started a series where Gwen has started to paint our working dogs Bonny and Lil, the first painting of Lil is now hanging in the Farmstay for sale. 

Shekinah Grace Everingham

Shekinah Grace Everingham lives on her family's farm at Mangoplah.  She loves the country lifestyle and all that it has to offer.  Shekinah is very creative and the portraits  that we have hanging show a unique style that we find intriguing.

Shekinah loves expressing her emotions through dance as well as paint. It is amazing how many emotions she can show without saying a word. Every movement, every brush stroke, every wrinkle, every scar shares a memory and tells a story. 

Malcolm McGrath

Malcolm is a brother to Alison, Uncle to Emma, and is a neighbour to Avalon Farmstay. 

He can often be found helping out around the farm and working together with us in many farm operations.

Malcolm has found his inner artist whilst tinkering in his shed and specialises in rustic metal art and barbed wire sculpture. His sculptures can be found in the yard of Avalon Farmstay and are available for purchase.

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